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Conveyor is a cloud service with a platform for containerised data product deployment.

Conveyor aims to provide a better way to develop, deploy, scale and maintain data products, and manage the infrastructure they run on, using workflows you are familiar with and open-source tools you can trust.

Data products deployed on Conveyor can be created with any stack, platform or language with enhanced support for popular stacks.

They are containerised using Docker, versioned in Git and can be deployed to managed k8s clusters in your cloud account. Each cluster can contain multiple environments. Services are provisioned automatically for each environment.

For the convenience of developers, Conveyor includes comprehensive developer tools, and ready-to-go templates.

How the documentation is organised

Get started

Tutorials. A hands-on introduction to Conveyor for developers.


Step-by-step guides. Covers key tasks and operations and common problems.


Explanation. Clarification and discussion of key topics.


Technical reference. Covers tools, components, commands and resources.

Credits also go to the Devio team for the inspiration on how to write documentation.

Additional resources

Feature requests

Feature requests can be created here


Our roadmap can be found here.


At Conveyor we release new versions as often as possible containing bug fixes, improvements and new feature. Keep track of our release notes.

Our promise to developers

Conveyor will help you achieve the same results as an experienced data engineer all by yourself. If you let us take care of the dull, repetitive jobs, you’ll get to do the creative, enjoyable ones.