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Support Matrix

The tables below display platform and software configurations that are eligible for support under our subscription offerings.

Container Engines

Conveyor currently supports both Docker and Podman as engines for building and running containers.

For more information on these options you can refer to our getting started page.

Operating Systems

The Conveyor CLI can be installed on Linux and MacOS operating systems, on both AMD64 and ARM64 architectures.


() partial support

Compatibility with Microsoft Windows

Because of the dependency between the Conveyor CLI and a compatible container engine, native Windows support is difficult to achieve.

For Windows users, we recommend to use the Linux version of the CLI within a WSL2 environment. More information on how to use the Conveyor CLI on Windows can be found on our installation page.

Browser Compatibility

The web interface of Conveyor is tested against the latest version of the Chrome and Firefox browsers. For these browsers, we verify that all functionality works as intended.

Other browsers such as Safari or Microsoft Edge are not officially supported. The majority of our interface will work as expected on these browsers as well, but it is possible that certain edge cases will not work.

Cloud Service Providers

The Conveyor platform can be installed on both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Support for Google Cloud is in the works, but not quite production-ready yet. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.