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Base images


Base images are currently in preview, we currently reserve the right to make breaking changes if we need to. However, we will do our best to keep things backwards compatible.

Base images are created to enable standardization of ides across projects within your organization. They allow organization to package a set of tools and configuration that is common for many projects within the organization. The way in which you define base images is the same as how to create your own IDE, which is described in detail on the ide page.

Every Conveyor installation comes with a default base image, from which every other base image starts and which is managed by the Conveyor team.

Goal of base images

The main drivers for creating base images are:

  • Get started quickly on a project as you can immediately begin using an IDE that has all the necessary tools and configuration.
  • Don't repeat yourself. Specify all the tools and configuration that is common once, and use it in multiple projects. It also simplifies updating the base image, as all projects use the latest successful base image to start from.
  • Separate the concerns of the platform team and the use-case teams. The platform team can manage the base images, while the use-case team can focus on the project specific code without worrying about all the technical details.

Using base images

If you want to get started using base images, take a look at the following how-to guide.