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IDEs in conveyor are user-specific remote development environments, belonging to a conveyor project and deployed in a conveyor environment. They aim to provide a similar development experience as you would have when developing locally. For this they support among other aspects:

  • interacting with GIT
  • writing code using the web version of visual studio code
  • interacting with the Conveyor CLI
  • Installing linux tools using the terminal
  • issuing docker and docker-compose commands

What is the difference with Notebooks

IDEs aim to provide a remote development experience that is not possible in notebooks as they cannot support:

  • issuing docker/docker-compose commands
  • performing operations as root

The reason why this is not possible in notebooks is quite technical, it is described in detail on the following page.

IDEs can thus be seen as a generalization of notebooks. IDEs provide a generic development environment where notebooks are tailored for a specific goal, namely (python) notebook development.