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Packages are still under active development and cannot be used by our customers just yet. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Packages are a concept in Conveyor that was introduced to facilitate sharing common components across different projects. Unlike projects however, the deployment of a package is not bound to a single environment, but is made available across all environments at the same time.

This allows users to provision components that can be made use of by multiple projects in different environments. Example use cases are components for alerting or configuration-driven jobs for data quality measurement.

Packages are versioned artefacts and are intended follow semantic versioning. Additionally, these versions are immutable, meaning that once a package artefact has been published with a certain version, that same version can never be (re-)assigned to another build of the same package. This ensures stability for your users, as a declared dependency will not be able to change or break.

Using packages in your projects

For more information on how to use packages in your development flow, please refer to our how-to guide.