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4. Set up your project locally

In this section we will setup the project development environment on your own computer. This is the part of the tutorial with the greatest potential for stumbling-blocks, because it involves the installation of software.

If you do run into any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact support, who will be glad to help you out.

After everything has been setup, you will be able to run the unit test that are included locally.

4.1 Install scala


If you are using Windows we assume you are using WSL2

If you do not know what to install (JVM, scala, sbt) the simplest way is to use the scala installer. It will install all the necessary components for you.

Scala installer:

Verify your installation

Make sure that you can run the following commands and they return the expected versions:

scala -version
java -version

4.2 (optional) Install gradle

You can either install gradle locally or use the gradlew executable packaged with the project.

sdk install gradle 7.12

4.3 Run the tests

From the root directory of your project run the following command

./gradlew test

Your project development environment is now setup, you are ready to roll.