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Integrating with Gitpod and Codespaces

On the project pages of the Conveyor UI we can show links to online development environments. We support both Gitpod and GitHub Codespaces. The links will only show up when the git link is filled in and the integration is enabled. When you don't see those links, reach out to your Conveyor account admin.

The Conveyor cookiecutter templates come with pre-configuration for both integrations. When you want to add the Conveyor CLI to an existing configuration, we recommend the following configuration:

# List the start up tasks. Learn more
- name: Gitpod config (browser open, workspace bin path)
init: |
mkdir -p /workspace/bin
cat > /workspace/bin/ <<'EOF'
exec gp preview --external "$@"
chmod +x /workspace/bin/
command: |
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/www-browser www-browser /workspace/bin/ 100
- name: Install conveyor
init: curl -s | bash
command: |
curl -s | bash