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The feature is currently in preview and thus not all calculated costs might be 100% correct.

Costs can help you find out which projects are the most expensive on your Conveyor installation. Using that information, you can target these and make them more efficient.

Supported Costs

Currently, costs are calculated for:

We do not calculate the costs of:

  • The Airflow scheduler and web application running in an environment
  • Notebooks being used by users
  • Batch applications scheduled using the legacy (V1) Conveyor operators

How costs are calculated


The calculated costs are an estimate, we do not take into account extra discounts you might have from AWS Savings plan or Reserved instances. We also use a flat discount for spot instances while in reality these prices vary.

We only take the EC2 costs of your jobs into account. This should be the bulk of your applications running cost. However, some jobs might incur significant S3 (or other) costs as well.

Costs are calculated from when a container starts running until it is stopped. This duration is then multiplied by the cost of the machine used. The Conveyor instance you specified is used and matched with the price of the machine used, divided by how many jobs of that conveyor instance could run on the machine.

For example when launching a job with the mx.micro type, the mx.micro type runs on an m6i.xlarge instance which costs about 0.214 per hour in the Ireland region. On this machine 16 mx.micro instances can be fitted, meaning the job will cost 0.214 / 16 ≈ 0.0134 if it runs for 1 hour.

When using spot instances we use a flat 70% discount to simulate the effect. Spot prices will fluctuate in reality, but this simplification gives a good enough estimate.