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CLI Command Reference

To explore the CLI, you can use the help command.

A CLI to operate your Conveyor environments and projects

conveyor [command]

Available Commands:
auth Auth configuration
build Build a project
cleanup Utility command to cleanup conveyor managed docker images
cluster Commands on clusters
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
deploy Deploy a project
doctor Utility command to check for common mistakes
environment Commands on environments
help Help about any command
notebook Commands on notebooks
project Commands on projects
promote Promote a project build from one environment to the other
run Run a project
stop-run Terminate a run for a project
team Commands on teams
template Commands on templates
undeploy Undeploy the current project
update Updates the CLI to the latest version
user Commands on users

--debug Show debug output
-h, --help help for conveyor
--no-browser NO_BROWSER=true Do not automatically open a browser at login instead print the url to the command line. You can also use the environment variable NO_BROWSER=true.
-o, --output string Change the output. Valid options are table or json (default "table")
--quiet QUIET=true Quiet down the output. You can also use the environment variable QUIET=true.
-v, --version version for conveyor

Use "conveyor [command] --help" for more information about a command.```

You can also run the `help` command on sub commands.

conveyor project new --help